200 pages of unique squiggles that serve as a starting point for your imagination!

The Doodler’s Launch Pad is a kids’ activity journal filled with starter scribbles, squiggly lines and crazy curves. All you need is your imagination and your favorite crayon, marker or colored pencil to complete the picture on each page. This sketch book is your starting point for:

  • creativity
  • sketching
  • drawing
  • doodling

No two pages are alike in the Doodler’s Launch Pad. And because no two doodlers are alike, they’ll each see something different when they apply their imaginations to the scribbles on the page. Using this activity book is a great way to encourage creative thinking and imagination.

This creativity-building activity book is designed to be used alone or in small groups. It includes a page of instructions for how to play “The Squiggle Game” with a partner, a small group of friends or even for family game night! (Dad is a closet doodler. You know he is!)

No matter how you use this book, it’s guaranteed to provide hours of fun for kids of any age.

$11.95. Available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08M88KWPJ

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