Blank pages on the left and lined pages on the right are perfect for drawing, writing and dreaming.

The Butterfly journal is the perfect inspirational journal for anyone who wants to keep track of:

  • dreams
  • lists
  • notes
  • recipes
  • ideas

This beautiful butterfly journal features blank pages on the left and lined pages on the right. The 6″x9″ size is big enough for all your diary-writing, note taking and journaling needs, but it’s still small enough to carry wherever you go. The butterfly has long been known as a symbol of spiritualism, rebirth and change. Use this blank notebook to record your own progress on whatever journey you’re on. So unfurl your wings and use this journal as a diary, daily planner or gratitude journal. Makes a great gift for girls, teens, mothers, grandmothers and anyone else with a love for butterflies, nature and all things pretty. The smooth white paper is perfect for pencils, pens, markers or even crayons. Let the beautiful butterflies be your inspiration for fiction, poetry, goals and dreams. Record your accomplishments on your way to your own metamorphosis.

$7.99. Available from Amazon:

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