200 pages of squiggles, hand-crafted to guarantee hours of fun.

When you play the squiggle game, the only limits are your imagination! What looks like a wavy line turns into the the slithering form of a snake. A knotted scribble becomes the explosion behind a rocket ship just blasting off. Use your creativity, imagination and sense of fun to turn random squiggles into works of cartoon art. The Big Book of Squiggles is the ultimate doodlingdrawingsketching and imagination activity book for kids, families and friends.

  • Play with a friend or a small group. With the Big Book of Squiggles, everybody wins!
  • The perfect activity book for road trips, family game night or even quiet time alone
  • 200 pages of squiggles to get your imagination flowing

You never know how each page will turn out. Look at each squiggle from a different angle to gain a new perspective. Maybe you’ll see an animal, somebody’s face or a pair of dancing shoes.

Everything in the world and in your imagination is made up of squiggles. You just have to know how to see them!

Every page is unique with 3-5 squiggles per page, meaning this book is filled with hours and hours of fun!

$12.95. Available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DV268BP

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