Shirts available in ten different colors in Men’s, Women’s and Youth sizes.

Nothing beats a classic, like our emoji-style black and orange monarch butterfly design. Whether you’re prone to flights of fancy, dancing with fairies or meditating with nature, our simple, stylish and elegant emoji tells them you’re one with the universe

No need to stay in your cocoon. Let your love of nature show and give wings to your dreams when you wear our classic black and orange monarch butterfly icon design. It’s complex, yet subtle, just like you!

The butterfly has long been known as a symbol of spiritualism, rebirth and change, and Monarchs are known for their vast migration, travels and adventures around the world. Our Classic Black and Orange Monarch Butterfly icon design is a great way to remind yourself of your journey in life, your place in the universe and the importance of nature, all at the same time. So unfurl your wings and wear our stylish and chic design. Makes a great gift for girls, teens, grandmothers and anyone else with a love for butterflies, nature, flights of fancy and adventure.

$19.99. Available from Amazon in multiple colors and sizes.

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