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Janison, Our Congressman

Janison, Our Congressman

When Kentucky Congressman Howard Janison dies, he leaves behind a shadowy trail of business dealings, encoded books of accounts and piles of money, none of which his widow, Rachel, can explain. Judge Emmerson Mars, friend of the family and executor of the estate, is left to piece together the mystery. Fortunately, Judge Mars discovers Janison’s diary, but the more he delves, the more he realizes how little he knew Janison at all. In Janison, Our Congressman, we witness the life of a man who is both virtuous and corrupt, generous and greedy, loyal and unfaithful. In the end, Janison leaves behind a legacy of wealth, power and political machinations, and the only question for Judge Mars is how much of the story he’ll be able to tell Rachel…

$29.99. Hardcover, 184 pages. Available from Lulu. http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-stott/janison-our-congressman/hardcover/product-21192548.html

About the Author:

William Stott was born the son of a coal miner in 1858 in Durham County, England, where his family had lived in the same row house for more than 100 years. According to family history, he became the walking champion of England at age 16. Shortly thereafter, he studied for the ministry and got married. As it turned out, though, coal mining was in his blood. At age 21, he followed his sister Frances to America, settling in Southeastern Kentucky, where the coal boom was just beginning. Except for a brief stint “out west,” he lived there the rest of his life. He married twice and had twelve children. An avid reader his entire life, he began writing when he was in his seventies, completing several novels – including this one – before his death at age 97.

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